I’ve been in a state of a long term overwhelm !

I have just realized that I was so overwhelmed by the experience of this trip that I have been unable to move the project along since I got back to London. Every time I’ve sat down to write or look through the photographs, my little collection of brain cells have instantaneously created a sense of a sharp short-circuit, resulting in an immediate demand for a break!

Anyway, somewhere amongst the jumbled and chaotically tangled feelings and thoughts, that seem to have caused my state of overwhelm, I stumbled upon the word “current”, – and having reflected on the various meanings of “current” and how those occur to me, I do feel a bit better!

I set of on the trip, exploring the differences between the notions of for example; migrate and settle, moving and staying and motion and still. But what I kept finding were similarities and parallels.

The way I perceive the overall experience of the physical part of my “round-trip-home”, which was particularly apparent during the sailing part of it, was the extraordinary “sameness” of being still in one moment or place and the constant, relentless movement of everything! I found myself on a course across the Atlantic Ocean, from Iceland to Britain, moved by this unstoppable flow of water and air and all I could do was to stay still, – well physically still enough not to fall out of the boat at least! And this was the same/went on for days!

So as the word current means both now and/or present and flow and/or course, – and one can be present within the course of one’s life, one must be able to BE CURRENT IN A CURRENT, – or STAY CURRENT WITHIN THE CURRENT

Well, this is probably taking a considerable artistic liberty on linguistics, but as English is not my first language I will uphold my freedom to explore in the name of ………… exploration!

There has got to be an artwork in there somewhere!

I need a break!!!


Have reached land!

A very happy “66*North” , orange elf has arrived in Scotland!.

Due to weather conditions we were not able to go to St. Kilda, but we got to the Isle of Mull on Sunday. Due to gearbox problems, we moored on a buoy and rowed ashore (well Alasdair did).

Ray rushed of to catch the bus, ferry and train or a flight home/heim (we did agree on the pronunciation!), as he had some work duties coming up.

Me and the Captain, had a leisurely day, – went for a lovely walk and a meal and things.

We left this morning at crack of dawn to catch the best conditions for the last leg and got to Dunstaffange (sorry about the spelling!) midday today and were met by Mark in the harbor launch, who tied Sumara on to his motor-“boat” and “drove us on to a pontoon – this is all due to the engine/gearbox “disability”.

We have packed and done a bit of cleaning today, both of Sumara and ourselves! and plan to head off to London tomorrow morning.

24 hour funfair ride!

The last 24hrs have been like a wild funfair ride!! Can’t think of a name for it yet

Confusingly this post was sent before Land Ahead but got lost in the spam filter. It was sent at 10.18GMT on Saturday 13th August

“Land ahead”

The wickedly wild anfd bumpy ride is over! and its all gone very idyllic now, – the sun is shining, we’ve seen three ships and land is in sight.


Its all got very practical here. The expressions getting dressed and undressed and in and out of bed have got a totally different meaning now, – and I have learned three new knots!

Stunning Views

We have had a stunning view of the horizon for 4 days now, lots of pilot whales and a few dolphins, one aeroplane stripe and no ships. Probably quite a Viking experience (apart from the aerolpane stripe!).

Doing well apart from trying to pee in horizontal position

Enough said!